The Canadian Game

Canadian Football Skill Difrerences QB SKills Emphasized
Larger field
  • Longer throws
  • Quickness is an asset for defensive players
Mobility, arm strength
3 downs
  • More explosive plays
  • More emphaisis on passing
20 sec clock
  • Game is quicker
  • Players must have greater stamina, endurance
More tempo, proces info quickly
More wide open formations using slot-back.
All offensive back fielders and recievers, except the quarterback, are allowed unlimited motion. Must also be able to scramble and improvise.
Zone read Option styles
More clock stoppages at end of game Lead changes, comebacks
Extra man in defensive coverages Know different coverages
  1. Stance ball handling
  2. Warm up
  3. Elbow training
  4. Upper body torque
  5. Velocity and Trajectory
  6. Hip alignment
  7. Pocket presence
  8. Throw on run
  9. Quick release
  10. Ball placement
  11. Drops