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QB Canada Training and Development - Part 1
Posted on 24. Mar, 2015 by admin

I know Iím going to restart the old debate with this question: ďWhy arenít there any Canadian Quarterbacks in the CFL?Ē Iím sure youíve heard a multitude of opinions on this issue; some you probably agree with, others just donít ring true. I firmly believe there is more than one answer to the Canadian QB Question.

What to look for in a QB? - Part 2
Posted on 24. Mar, 2015 by admin

Trust me when I say this, but many people believe a QB has to have the strongest arm or be able to just drop and throw. As I stated in my previous article, we as coaches need to start developing young QBís at a younger age particularly grade 7-8 age. Kids are mentally and physically crave the ability to get better during this age group. This is important- SKILLS NEED TO BE INTRODUCED BEFORE PUBERTY Ė this will ensure proper development.

Football Players: The Interview!
Posted on 24. Mar, 2015 by admin

Here we are the Super Bowl is 4 weeks away, Bowl season at U.S. colleges almost over, the CFL has long been done and high school football seasonsí ended over a month ago. What this means is there is many players done playing at their respective levels; and ready to take that next step.

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