Welcome to Quarterback Canada

QB Canada is just that - QB training for Canadian Quarterbacks! The Canadian game is different than the USA game so we must Quarterback training is somewhat different. Yes, the skills of a QB will need to stay the same but what about how to play the Canadian game? What are the nuances and differences?

QB Canada has arrived and will help you become the next GREAT CANADIAN QB!

The Canadian Game

Canadian QB.

It's time to develop and produce the next GREAT Canadian Quarterback. We're tired of hearing that Canadians cannot play this position in the CFL.


QB Canada has been developed to help produce the next Great Canadian QB. How many times have we heard that the Canadian cannot play this position in the CFL? Myself, numerous times and to be honest I am tired of it.

QB Canada is in search of high quality high character ALPHA Dawgs or what we say “DAWGMODE QB’S” who strive to be a great quarterback and LEADER

See why QB Canada is ranked #1 quarterback academy.

"The academy is a breeding ground for successful Canadian quarterbacks. Familiar names that went through SST include former McMaster QB Jon Behie, Queen’s QB Billy McPhee and both Brannagan (Danny Brannagan Jr. – 2nd all-time CIS passing yards) and Finch’s (Will Finch) sons. Other names who have gone through the academy include Michael Faulds (Western – 1st all-time CIS passing yards) and Kyle Williams (Bishop’s – ’04 CIS rookie of the year)." - CFC